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Named after one of the most bizarre creatures in existence during the Late Cretaceous period — Majungas is a rock band that specializes in fusing topics of high strangeness with wildly diverse and entertaining music.

Led by Chicago-based musicians, Mike Gentile and Max "Cherry" Dombrowski, Majungas is dedicated to crafting you an intoxicating musical experience that will leave you thirsty for more.

Once you dive into the rabbit hole of Majungas, there may be no turning back!

The Evolution of Majungas


The first footprint of Majungas began in 2006 during one of Mike Gentile's guitar lessons at Stone Grove Guitar, which was located in the west suburbs of Chicago. Having taken months of classes up to this point, Mike had recorded a collection of music arrangements and samples. During this lesson, Mike shared it to his instructor Dan "King" Kahn and he suggested “You should throw some lyrics on it." Those words “throw some lyrics on it” kept echoing in Mike’s ears over the next several months.  Always having a knack for creative writing and storytelling, Mike took Dan's advice and composed what eventually became the debut album for Majungas—who officially formed in 2013, along with original band members Matt Bancroft (guitar) and Andy Palmer Cox (drums.)


As a band, Majungas played the Chicago music scene, known for infusing comedy and performing arts into their live shows. 


When the band split apart in 2017, Mike reinvented Majungas as a studio recording band, to make Ancient Alien themed albums (a subject matter that is a deep interest of Mike's). With the help of his friend and fellow musician Max "Cherry" Dombrowski, three albums have since been dedicated to the alien rock genre. Majungas further gained popularity and recognition for their works with appearances at such events like Alien Con and a variety of UFO/Alien podcasts/videocasts. 


The evolution of Majungas temporarily pauses here, because--you know... aliens are pretty cool.

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