The Evolution of Majungas


It was 2006 during a music lesson at Stone Grove Guitar, located in the west suburbs of Chicago, when the story of Majungas began. “You should throw some lyrics on it” said Mike Gentile’s blues guitar instructor, Dan “King” Kahn after he listened to a few guitar recordings that Mike shared with him. Although the tracks were not composed with the intention of launching a musical career, the words “throw some lyrics on it” kept echoing in Mike’s ears. Having a knack for creative writing and storytelling, Mike spent some time experimenting with songwriting and music making and eventually birthed his first demo, which later became the debut album for Majungas—who officially formed in 2013, along with original band members Matt Bancroft (guitar) and Andy Palmer Cox (drums.)


As a band, Majungas recorded music and played shows in the Chicago music scene. Mike infused his comedic and performing arts background into their live shows. Majungas quickly stood out in the Chicago music scene as a theatrically entertaining act that was known for donning elaborate costumes interspersed with humorous videos while playing their set.


When the band split apart in 2017, Mike transitioned Majungas into a studio recording act and began to focus on writing albums with Ancient Alien themes (a subject matter that is a deep interest of Mike's). With the help of friend and fellow musician Max "Cherry" Dombrowski, three albums have been dedicated to this genre. They have gained popularity at such events like Alien Con, as well as a variety of UFO/Alien themed podcasts/videocasts. 


The evolution of Majungas temporarily pauses here. I mean, it's aliens after all. And aliens are cool. So, why do anything else at this point? Right? We'll see.