Mike explains the theory of Panspermia and its correlation to Ancient Aliens and the Ancient Astronaut Theory,

just before ripping out an acoustic version of the song with

Max Cherry. The full episode took place at the On Track studio for their 14th season.

Back at On Track (Season 14), Mike shares the inspiration behind TRAPPIST-1, Can You Hear Me?

off the Ancient Astronaut Theory album, then performs an unplugged version with the help of Max Cherry.

Mike & Max perform People Come From Mars off the

Ancient Astronaut Theory album. The  song was written in support of Dr. John Brandenburg's theory that an ancient alien race once inhabited Mars, and were ultimately wiped out due to a nuclear attack.

Matt Canon directed this music video for the song 

Tame The Beast, off our debut album Hear the Roar. It's a shame they cut out the solo! Majungas was a band during this time period, featuring Andy Palmer Cox (Drums)

and Matt Bancroft (Guitar).

Mike Gentile headed to the On Track Studio in 2016 for a solo acoustic performance. Things got creepy when an unsuspecting visitor arrived, prompting Mike to play

Beware of the Creeper, a track off Majungas' debut album Hear the Roar.

The original members of Majungas perform an unplugged version of their self-titled song Majunga, back in 2014.

The song Majungas was recorded on their

debut album "Hear the Roar."