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The Weird UFO Show invited Majungas to perform at UFO Lockdown Festival -- an virtual UFO festival experience that held on April 2020.


  • Hysteria 51 brought Majungas inside ForthHand Studios for an Up All Night exclusive episode!

  • Muckspout Podcast talk Alien Rock, Conspiracies and Strange Tales with Mike and Max.

  • Majungas join Jess Rogge and the Fringe FM for an album showcase of Alien Abduction on September 2022.

  • Jess Rogge hosted Majungas on this July 19 2020 episode of The Rogge Report for a video chat that ran the full gamut of strange topics, including a performance from Mike & Max of the hit song "I Believe in Bob Lazar."

  • Shift Happens Podcast featured Majungas on Episode 143 to a chat about the Charioteer Through Wormhole albums and plenty of other Ancient Aliens goodness. Episode aired January 2020. 

  • Strange Tales Weekly  featured Majungas on August 22, 2019 for a 54 minute episode covering details around their latest Ancient Alien albums, as well as other strange topics. Mike and Max also performed a song off each album. 

  • In this 2 hour feature episode, G.G. Rabbit talks with Mike on "B-Sides & Rarities" about everything that went into the making of the Ancient Astronaut Theory Album (2019)

  • Mike drops in episode 10 for the first 30 minutes of The Fringe FM's Shift Happens Podcast  to chat about Ancient Aliens inspired music albums Ancient Astronaut Theory and Charioteer Through Wormholes (2019)







  • MENTION from TRAPPIST-1's website about the song  TRAPPIST-1, Can You Hear Me? which was inspired by its discovery (2019)

  • PHOTO used (slide show #2) for this article that recaps Alien Con Baltimore (2018). Photo courtesy of Kellyann Petry.

  • Fremont Troll's Wikipedia page mentions SONG "The Fremont Troll" under Legacy and Cultural References.

  • Hatfield-McCoy Feud's Wikipedia page mentions SONG "The Legend of Bad Jim" under Music.

  • Jurrasic Fight Club's Wikipedia page MENTIONS the inspiration behind Majungas' name and self-titled song "Majunga" under Popular Culture.



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