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The Majungas return to Earth after a series of wild extraterrestrial encounters and tell the tales on this highly addicting album "Alien Abduction" [2022]. 

Charioteer Through Wormholes [2019] is a time traveling adventure that explores some of the most compelling UFOlogy cases and archaeological wonders.

It's one big Rock 'n' Roll episode of Ancient Aliens!

Ancient Astronaut Theory [2018] is a concept album that connects the origins of line with extraterrestrials.

It's the story of US told through the lens of your favorite Ancient Astronaut Theorists!

Ancient Astronaut Theory [2018]
"A great album of Ancient Aliens music"

                       -David Hatcher Childress                                             (Ancient Aliens Co-Star)

Majungas brings Seattle's iconic "Fremont Troll" to life

and sings a tender tune to the historic neighborhood of Ballard in this (2016) single. 

Majungas gets spooky in this (2015) single about Salem, MA's legendary "Haunted Happenings" festivities.

Hear the roar of Majungas with their debut album in [2013].

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